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WhatIs Watson

Powered by the latest innovations in machine learning, Watson lets you learn more with less data. You can integrate AI into your most important business processes, informed by IBM’s rich industry expertise. You can build models from scratch, or leverage our APIs and pre-trained business solutions. No matter how you use Watson, your data and insights belong to you − and only you.

Accelerate Researchand Discovery

Spend less time looking for the information you need and more time acting on it.

Enrich Your Interactions

Reduce response times, increase the number of transactions, and make every interaction meaningful and productive.

Anticipate andPreempt Disruptions

Use AI to constantly monitor the condition of systems that power your business to ensure bigger problems don’t disrupt your work.

Recommend with confidence

Teach systems about parameters and nuances to ensure they take every important factor into account when you make a decision.

Scale Expertiseand Learning

By combining every employee’s expertise with your industry’s latest learning, each of you knows as much as all of you.

Detect Liabilitiesand Mitigate Risk

Train systems to understand and keep up with constantly changing regulations and privacy obligations.


Only Watson gives you complete control of what’s important to you. With Watson on the IBM Cloud, you maintain ownership of your data, insights, training, and IP.

Your business processes get smarter with Watson. From healthcare and education to finance, transportation, and energy, Watson is trained by leading experts in your field, so you can quickly embed into your existing workflows. Watson understands the language of your industry and taps into deep domain knowledge to help you make more informed decisions faster.

Your data is valuable, no matter how much (or little) you have. Watson can ingest, enrich, and normalize a wide variety of data types without any additional integration, allowing you to make use of data from a broad range of sources with ease.

Industry Solutions

Watson Health

At Watson Health, we empower leaders, advocates and influencers in health through support that helps them achieve remarkable outcomes, accelerate discovery, make essential connections and gain confidence on their path to solving the world’s biggest health challenges.

Watson IoT

With Watson IoT, millions of sensors deliver volumes of data that transform businesses. From digital twins to connected cars, cognitive IoT helps you do your best work.

Watson Advertising

Watson Advertising is an ecosystem of media, data, and AI technology solutions designed to help you save time, connect with customers, and drive ROI.

Watson Customer Engagement

Watson Customer Engagement offerings deliver a broad range of capabilities for marketing, commerce and supply chain activities. Designed to complement the skills of forward-thinking professionals like you. To empower you to make better, more informed decisions.

Watson Education

At Watson Education, we are transforming the learning experience through personalization. Cognitive solutions that understand, reason and learn help educators gain insights into the learning styles, preferences, and aptitude of every student. The results are holistic learning paths, for every learner, through their lifelong learning journey.

Watson Financial Services

Use the cognitive power of Watson to drive deeper consumer engagement, new experiences and augment the management of regulatory compliance..

Watson Talent

Use the cognitive power of Watson to drive deeper consumer engagement, new experiences and augment the management of regulatory compliance.

Watson Work

Imagine a future where technology frees users to focus on what matters most. Watson Work is making that future a reality. Keep your people and teams in the flow with instant expertise, the right contacts and fast insights.

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